While Covid-19 keeps the camp from inviting visitors in person, the OEF has created a virtual experience for your high school classroom or friendship center. Narrated live via zoom by award-winning and international bestselling novelist Joseph Boyden, our virtual experience introduces you to the rugged beauty of Camp Onakawana and to its founders William and Pamela Tozer. Joseph speaks about the vital living history of Mushkegowuk in relation to the creation of our country while introducing a number of short videos of the camp experience filmed by National Geographic director Brett Rogers. The aim of the virtual camp experience is to educate and enlighten students in regards to one of our province’s most beautiful and important places, as well as to urge you to come and visit in person post-pandemic.


While each one is specifically geared to the season’s beauty and challenges, all of the experiences are carefully created and monitored by William and Pamela Tozer, as well as local and highly knowledgeable local camp councillors.

SUMMER CAMP includes a canoe trip on the great Abitibi River that’s led by seasoned guides, fishing (including traditional methods), bush skills such as fire-making and seasonal shelter-making, shore lunches, summer camping, hiking, volleyball and obstacle courses, physical fitness challenges, as well as numerous Cree traditional arts and crafts experiences.

WINTER CAMP includes snowshoeing, winter camp and fire building, small game trapping, ice fishing, and numerous Cree traditional arts and crafts.

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